C# on Xbox One? Yes please ...

Head over to the Visual Studio User Voice forum and vote up C# / .Net on Xbox One. This item currently has the most votes in the entire forum. Clearly, a ton developers want to make games in C# on Xbox One.

XNA Alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to XNA (RIP). We are currently evaluating all of these for future games.
  • SharpDx:  an open-source C# DirectX wrapper
  • SlimDx: another open-source C# DirectX wrapper
  • MonoGame: an open-source cross-platform implementation of XNA
As of this posting, all are in active development and have multiple published games.

XNA Dead

In case you haven't heard, MS has killed off XNA. Was nice knowing you. This is a sad day for indie gaming. XNA was more than just a wrapper over DirectX, it was an example of a graphics API done right. As graphics APIs go it was relatively easy to get started and had tons of very useful examples of starter games. This is a huge mistake MS.

Hosting Your Game Site on Blogspot?

Good reasons to host your indie game's site on BlogSpot:
  • not only are there no hosting fees and no domain purchase fees, but you actually get paid ad revenue
  • if you set it up correctly ads are non-intrusive
  • can customize HTML and host nearly any type of content
  • mobile-friendly version is automatically generated (check this site on a phone)
  • site will be hosted free, forever, unless Google goes out of business (small chance)
  • use Google Groups for a forum and no need for the headaches involved in hosting a message board and people can just log in with a Google account
Anyway, we are fairly impressed with BlogSpot so far.